The Unique Patent Pending Tech Solution for ATMPs

What Do We Do?

ATMPS Ltd has created Hataali, a unique vein to vein, technical solution for the Personalised Medicine sector.


Hataali is a platform for innovative treatments that can treat cancer, rare diseases, including stem cell therapies and cell and gene treatments.


Our patent-pending technical solution, ensures regulatory compliance for treatments known generally as Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs).

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Our Innovative Capabilities Include
GDPR and HIPAA compliance
Informed Consent and Data anonymisation modules
Real time updates
 Data analytics
Automated alerts
Full chain of custody, identity and environment
MES or LIMS integration
Automated regulatory reporting
The Hataali Solution

Personalised medicines are specialized treatments made for individual patients. This can be be personalised pharmaceutical medicines as well as specific cell and gene treatments. The nature of the treatments means that certain stages have to be completed within specific timescales and efficient coordination between all the parties, including hospitals, labs, manufacturing facilities, and specialist couriers.


Our interoperable, fully configurable Hataali software, provides a platform for all the parties involved in the process to keep everyone informed and coordinated. This puts the patient at the centre of the treatment, avoids wasted time for consultants, doctors and healthcare workers ensuring clinic or hospital resources are used more efficiently.

Our Partners
Hospitals, Clinics and Treatment Centres
Labs and Pharmaceutical Companies
Specialist Couriers
Why Choose Hataali?

There are many different companies in the ATMPs space, healthcare regulators (eg US FDA/EMA which approve treatments), hospitals or clinics (which treat the patients), logistics providers (which transport samples and treatments) and the manufacturers or labs (which actually manufacture or produce the treatment).


Hataali is an immutable and incorruptible data platform that allows all the different participants in the production of ATMPs to communicate, coordinate, and streamline the process of ensuring patients get the treatment they need within the timeframes they need them.

Hataali ensures efficiency, costs savings and the best patient experience.

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