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The Scheduling System for a New Era

An innovative scheduling system for efficient treatments of the most vulnerable

Eliminate patient to patient contact and avoid COVID19 problems

Patients come to appointments on time, prevent delays or missed appointments 

Our solution integrates with existing systems or can be used as a "stand alone" solution to stack patient appointments.


Patients get the best patient experience, there is no waiting and remain safe especially during the pandemic. 


Patients are notified of their appointments through App messages, SMS or WhatsApp. And get reminders to ensure they turn up.


On the day of the appointment, patient confirm they are on the way to the clinic and "self check in" when they have arrived. Patients can wait in their car or somewhere convenient until you notify them to enter the clinic (usually after the previous patient has left).


There is no need for a waiting room and patient to patient contact is completely avoided! COVID19 risks are minimised.


You can schedule, reschedule, swap appointments or shunt appointments up or down on the day, in real time. You can configure the buffer time between patients to allow for facility cleaning or disinfection.


Multilingual versions available

Interactive, Easy to use Scheduling Dashboard
A stand alone dashboard providing you with a summary of all the patients and their appointment times.
Appointments can be swapped or moved very easily and patients automatically notified of the new appointment times.
Easy to use drag and drop capability to modify appointments.
All this means is less time on patient administration, more time treating and caring for patients.
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  • Efficient use of Hospital Space - Patients only enter the hospital at the time of their appointment
  • Ability to prioritise patients and swap appointments
  • Recalculate all patient appointment times easily
  • Stagger and buffer appointments dynamically 
  • SMS/Whatsapp notification capability
  • Live Patient Location sharing capability
  • Multi-Language capability
  • Interoperable with existing systems
  • Chat and video communication functionality available
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