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The Unique Patent Pending Tech Solution for ATMPs



At ATMPS we are powering miracles with innovative technological solutions. 

To talk to us about our cutting edge solutions, or request a demo, please contact us.


ATMPS Ltd has created Hataali, a unique vein to vein, technical solution for the Personalised Medicine sector.


Hataali is a platform for innovative treatments that can treat cancer, rare diseases, including stem cell therapies and cell and gene treatments.


Our patent-pending technical solution, ensures regulatory compliance for treatments known generally as Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs).

Scheduling System

An innovative scheduling system for efficient treatments of the most vulnerable.

Eliminate patient to patient contact and avoid COVID19 problems.

Patients come to appointments on time, prevent delays or missed appointments.

What are ATMPs?

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) are treatments for humans that are based on genes, tissues or cells. They offer groundbreaking new opportunities for the treatment of diseases and injury that were not previously available.

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