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Our Solution

The most advanced regulatory compliant data sharing platform for the personalised medicines and ATMPs sector.


Hataali is an innovative, cutting edge platform for the personalised medicines or ATMPs sector.


The patent pending, configurable solution allows partners in personalised medicine to ensure that data necessary for the production of treatments can be shared between parties in a secure, confidential and regulatory compliant manner.


A true end-to-end solution providing full transparency of the treatment process showing who is responsible and what has been done at each stage of the process. 


Hataali ensures digitisation of the process so treatments can be created efficiently, at the optimum cost and the best use of facilities and hospital space.


Our solution provides the best patient experience, co-ordinates activities of the manufacturers, clinics, hospitals and specialist couriers, whilst providing a permanent regulatory audit trail.


Partners can share the necessary and required data confidentially and securely in real time. 


A fully digital solution ensuring data integrity means data driven decisions can be made, advanced data analytics can be used and easier digital regulatory compliance can finally be accomplished.

How Does It Work?

Hataali utilises advanced distributed ledger technology to create permanent digital records of full chain of custody, chain of identity and chain of condition. 


Data is encrypted and put on a blockchain platform through a process known as hashing. This means that our solution makes it easier for HIPAA and GDPR compliance and data security is protected through a system of private keys and cryptography. 


All the partners, such as the hospital and clinics, labs or developers, and logistics companies can work together on a fully digital platform with the assurance that data can not be tampered with.

The Benefits
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